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Vague Heat is —

-  a production and mixing studio run by Maxime Robillard. We specialize in original compositions for individuals, visual media, or film and TV, as well as mixing services. Contact for projects and rates. 

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In 2016 I teamed up with the artist Angela Eastman to create a sound and sculpture installation at the Vermont Studio Center. The work occurred in two studios, with two connecting passages allowing circular movement. The large shapes in each room were used as speakers with piezoelectric transducers affixed to the back.

Every object and the spaces themselves vaguely mirrored each other. Mirrors on the floor reflected spaces, re-presenting your potential sites both physically and mentally. A low hum emitted from a dark void, whistled, leapt and landed. Footsteps approached both the future and the past - the circulation of double-ended-time.

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