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Vague Heat is —

-  a music production studio operated by Maxime Robillard. We specialize in original compositions for individuals, either full productions or that added oomph you’re looking for, as well as music and audio for film and TV. We also provide mixing services. Contact with projects and for rates. 

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Created for the Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma's First Friday exhibition, this piece was done in collaboration with Sebastian Perlman as part of the Spacial Cadet Society. It was later used as part of an experimental sound series at a skating rink in Oslo.

He (Sebastian) was in New York City, dreaming about he, myself and another creating a beach dune installation in a barren white office. At the same time, I (Maxime) was in Ringkøbing, Denmark, walking along the beach and running up the dunes in the glow of a Danish autumn afternoon. This 8-channel sound installation addresses the chance cosmic meeting of his dream and my reality. For this piece, I remained the character in his dream: accepting the rules and situation he unconsciously established while taking on a life of my own. Since we never met together in person about the installation, the dream and piece are still on the same level of memory and imagination - one is just as real as the other for him. It is an immersive sound play created in response to the actions and feelings he recalls in his dream.

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