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Vague Heat is —

-  a production and mixing studio run by Maxime Robillard. We specialize in original compositions for individuals, visual media, or film and TV, as well as mixing services. Contact for projects and rates. 

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My thesis work as a Studio Art major lead me into an exploration of the body in the built environment. My work focused on the fundamental, everyday positions we all take along with the unconscious decisions and spatial relationships of our bodies while we live our lives. In an installation combining video, sound, sculpture and bodily performance, I attempted to create a piece understandable at many levels. My hope was for viewers to think about the activities they take in a day and the positions their bodies are in, and in being in the space, re-associate the focus of their Selves away from their mind and towards their Body.

Materials for this piece included a manual treadmill, 11.5 hour video shown in real time, detuned 12 string guitar, plaster objects, large felt rug, aluminum blinds, copper rings, chalk, and a guest register.


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