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Vague Heat is —

-  a music production studio operated by Maxime Robillard. We specialize in original compositions for individuals, either full productions or that added oomph you’re looking for, as well as music and audio for film and TV. We also provide mixing services. Contact with projects and for rates. 

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A self-taught engineer and mixer, Maxime was musically trained at a young age, and channels his varied life experiences into the music he writes. For him, music is the path for communicating his personality, be it real or fantasy, and is eager to help others do the same with their music. From helping produce, composing original works for film, or mixing down other artist’s music, he takes great care in the details to ensure the emotional impact of the music comes through.

Currently he works out of his own studio space he shares with a few other good friends, Vague Heat. Originally from Vermont, he has lived in NYC since 2012 and has been exploring the music community ever since.

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