Maxime Robillard


Personal Music
Film/TV & Performance
Sound Installations

Visual Works

Vague Heat is —

-  a production and mixing studio run by Maxime Robillard and Juliet Gordon. We specialize in original composition for visual media, production and mixing, along with our group Her Young and our respective solo projects.

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A self-taught engineer and mixer, Maxime was musically trained since a young age, and channels his varied experiences through life into music he writes for himself, as well as commissioned works. For him, music is the path for communicating his personality, and is eager to help others do the same with their music.

Although his music productions are mostly in the house and techno world, he has a background in jazz and classical piano and is equally passionate about microtuning synths as he is about fine tuning bass traps in the studio. Currently he works out of his own space he shares with a few other good friends, Vague Heat Studio. Maxime is originally from Vermont and has lived in NYC since 2012.